An experiment in conscious living.

Commitment #2

“I will use a reusable mug instead of paper cups.”

When I met James Koshiba, Executive Director of Kanu Hawai`i, I had no idea that I would eventually find myself staring down the business end of a video camera, surrounded by bright lights and reflector screens, making this commitment. My French press mug and I had already been running the circuit for over four years but, shortly after the filming of this Kanu Hawai`i PSA, I realized just how powerful a public proclamation can be. Now, over 900 other Kanu Hawai`i members have made the same commitment and I hope that number will continue to grow.

It really isn’t sensible to make a cup intended to serve a single drink. If that “disposable” cup were made of ceramic would you be so quick to toss it in the can once you were through? So, then, it becomes a matter of convenience, but for whom? Is it convenient to deal with the giant problem of where to put our waste because we’ve been so careless in the past? Makes you think, doesn’t it. Besides, coffee tastes better when served in REAL cups anyway.

Keep a mug on hand for the next time you’re headed to the local cafe. If you don’t have one, get one. Just be sure to measure (in fluid ounces) how much it can hold beforehand. That way, when it’s your turn at the counter, you’ll know what size drink to order.

Join me (and over 900 others) in making this lifestyle commitment at Kanu Hawai`i.

Kanu Hawai`i PSA / Ad 2 Honolulu


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