An experiment in conscious living.

Commitment #15

“I will not support the cultivation of GMOs in Hawai`i.”

I confess making the commitment to avoid GMOs in my diet doesn’t do it for me. What about avoiding them in my environment? Monsanto Hawai`i states, “There are few places in the world that are as ideal as the Hawaiian Islands for agricultural biotechnology.” If you ask me, they chose our islands as their Petri dish because we’re isolated. As supporters of GMOs try to make their case by claiming they saved the Hawai`i island papaya industry from the ringspot virus (PRSV), I’m thinking about the resulting 60% loss of market because Japan — our most lucrative sector — will not accept our genetically modified foods. Profits decreased in other markets as well because farmers can no longer get a premium for Hawai`i grown papayas, now that they have been infiltrated with those altered genes. And I’m downright disturbed that these unregulated, transgenic papaya trees are cross pollinating with organically grown, non-GMO trees, the fruits of which can still be labeled USDA certified organic! So, I ask, how can I even make the conscious decision to avoid GMOs when they are at-large in Hawai`i?

Policies prohibit us from knowing where GM crops are being grown, food producers are not required to label GMO ingredients in their products and when we try to protect ourselves by choosing certified organic (which is supposed to be 100% GMO-free) we find that there is no way to be certain what we are getting is food as Nature intended. We have the right to know these things. As long as biotech businesses continue to experiment with our food, on our islands in secrecy, I will not support it.

If the issues of food safety and food security pique your interest, I recommend watching Islands At Risk – Genetic Engineering in Hawai`i. Anyone know where I can get a truly organic papaya?

Join me in making this lifestyle commitment at Kanu Hawai`i.

Islands At Risk (Part 1) – Genetic Engineering in Hawai`i

Islands At Risk (Part 2) – Genetic Engineering in Hawai`i

Islands At Risk (Part 3) – Genetic Engineering in Hawai`i


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