An experiment in conscious living.

Commitment #20

“I will use chlorine bleach alternatives to whiten clothes.”

After these past four days of playing Jane of the Jungle (yard), I’ve got a pretty dirty pile of clothes. Despite all the stains, I still can’t bring myself to buy a bottle of Clorox knowing how dreadful the stuff is.

Bleach alternatives are not just safer for the planet, they’re safer for people too. Over 25,000 kids “are exposed to” (that’s EPA code for “have accidents involving”) chlorine bleach in the U.S. each year. So, why take the risk when better solutions are at your finger tips? Keep your family safe by tossing the chlorine aside and trying a more natural formula for keeping whites white.

Chlorine-free bleach alternatives aren’t as harsh on the fibers in your clothes, which means they will last longer. Plus, you can use them on colors. To get my clothes clean I’m going to try soaking them in a bucket of hydrogen peroxide. If that doesn’t work I might try one of these marketed alternatives — Ecover Non-Chlorine Bleach, 20 Mule Team Borax, Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Bleach, OxiClean Free (This is OxiClean’s dye and fragrance-free version.).

Did you know chlorine bleach is used to whiten more than just your laundry? The industrial production of office paper, paper towels, toilet paper, feminine hygiene products, clothing, bedding — pretty much anything made of cotton or wood pulp that is white when you buy it — involves a bleaching process. Look for non-bleached or non-chlorine bleached alternatives to these products when you’re in the market.

Join me in making this lifestyle commitment at Kanu Hawai`i.


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