An experiment in conscious living.

Commitment #22

“I will make an effort to know my food.”

What do I mean by this? It’s hard for me to even know what I mean by this. All I know is that when I picked up the book Earth to Table and started reading it, I was left with the feeling that when it comes to my food, I’m missing out. I might know what it’s called. I might know how it was made. With effort I might actually learn how it got to my plate and I certainly can say if it was delicious but even with all that, there’s still something missing and what’s missing is one of the greatest experiences in life.

Earth to Table is written by Jeff Crump and Bettina Schormann, both chefs at the Ancaster Old Mill, a Slow Food establishment in Canada.  In the book, Crump and Schormann detail their lifestyle, centered around cultivating, harvesting and preparing organic seasonal meals for their customers. These people KNOW their food. After reading their story, I’m clear that creating a food system that affords this level of intimacy is the ultimate goal.

Thank you, Margaret, for lending me this book. From the moment I glanced at the cover, I felt inspired. Three days later I’m in awe of the experience the authors get to have with their food everyday.

Join me in making this lifestyle commitment at Kanu Hawai`i.


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