An experiment in conscious living.

Commitment #31

“I will use a natural fiber body scrubber.”

While lathering up in the shower last night, I decided that it was finally time to retire Chris’ (he’s my better half) body scrubber — a six year old nylon mesh poof. Truth is, I’ve tried replacing that poof with a sisal wash cloth (like the one I currently use), a loofah, even this divine, natural sponge my mom bought for me while on vacation in Paris. All have failed to win Chris over. Still, I am determined and as you are my witness, this Valentine’s I will disguise a replacement as a gift. He’ll have no choice but to love it!

As for me, the days of using a plastic body poof expired when I graduated from high school. While working my college job at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles, I discovered The Body Shop and their sisal wash cloth. It’s smooth exfoliating once you break it in and lasts forever (so long as you pop it into the washing machine every now and then). Once in a while I’ll give my skin a treat — like after long, burning hot days at the beach — and use my chic, natural sponge. All natural and biodegradable.

It would be really cool to find a scrubber made locally from something as common as coconut fiber.

Join me in making this lifestyle commitment at Kanu Hawai`i.


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