An experiment in conscious living.

Commitment #35

“I will only purchase recycled toilet paper.”

You can imagine that there are a number of significant environmental benefits to purchasing or using only 100% recycled toilet paper. And no, recycled toilet paper is not made from old, used toilet paper. It has been estimated that one ton of 100% recycled paper ā€” which is what recycled toilet paper is made from ā€” saves 17 trees, 7000 gallons of water, 4100 kwh of energy (enough to power the average home for 6 months), 60 pounds of air pollution and 2.5 cubic yards of landfill space.

If every household in America would switch to Green toilet paper that isn’t chemically treated and made from recycled materials it would save over a million trees! via The Environmental Blog

Be sure that the 100% recycled toilet paper you purchase is unscented and was whitened without the use of chlorine bleach. Check the packaging for statements like “unbleached,” processed chlorine-free” or “totally chlorine free.”

This commitment came up because I just finished using the Charmin Ultra-Soft Kristi gave me for Christmas and I gotta say, though the gift was thoughtful, there is nothing more uncomfortable than the thought of wiping your rear with old growth forest.

Join me in making this lifestyle commitment at Kanu Hawai`i.


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