An experiment in conscious living.

Commitment #44

“I will not use Styrofoam.”

People the world over are making a stand against the way Styrofoam has taken over the take-out experience and here in Hawai`i we are fortunate to have professional help. I guess with the greatest percentage of residents who order takeout food,  (yep, Hawai`i is number one) we need it.

Styrophobia is a Honolulu based company that provides eco-friendly alternatives to the nasty EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam that can leach toxic chemicals into our food and last hundreds of years in the landfill. Not only does the company sell compostable & biodegradable takeout containers made from sugar cane, they are also actively involved in campaigns to prevent Styrofoam takeouts from even reaching our shores. While January 1, 2010 was supposed to be the kick-off date for Styrofoam-free lunches, the last time legislation was proposed it failed to pass. The state legislature website lists HB 1358 and SB 1293 as alive for this session. You’ll be hearing more from me later about these bills, but in the meantime here’s a quote from the Styrophobia website to get you on board: “Just as well-placed fear provides us a survival instinct – the fear of plastics in our environment provides us an opportunity to help save our planet, and with it our species.” Sure it takes some courage to come between an efficient food server and her reliance on those creepy, squishy, white foam monsters; but a little styrophobia can help you find it. Join me in making this lifestyle commitment at Kanu Hawai`i.


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