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Decoding Symbols

In general, we all know that the symbol containing three chasing arrows means “recycle.” Is it just a friendly reminder or is it a statement about the actual composition of the material it decorates? Well, that depends. If the chasing arrows sit inside of a solid circle (pictured) it means that particular material or product is made from recycled content. Otherwise, the arrows simply indicate that the material they’ve been stamped on is indeed recyclable. In the case of plastics, there is often a number sitting inside the symbol. This tells you what kind of plastic it is and dictates that it must be recycled with plastics of that same number — should you choose to recycle it.


Commitment #27

“I will recycle my old cell phone.”

Woohoo, got the new iPhone 3GS today! Though I am feeling a little down over parting with an old friend — a slightly malfunctioning first generation iPhone, purchased the day after Apple released it in 2007 and still operating off the quad-based GSM with EDGE network — I am happy to have an efficient and beautiful replacement. (Thank you, Chris!)

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Commitment #8

“I will switch to rechargeable batteries.”

Most of the electronics I own either power up through a plug in the wall or contain rechargeable batteries. My laptop, cell phone, digital camera. . . all fitted with rechargeables provided by their manufacturer. What doesn’t though, which I use every work day, is my wireless keyboard. About three times a year I have to swap out eight AA batteries. Add these to the occasional set of AAA or AA batteries from the various remotes sitting around my house and you have a small number of batteries that get recycled at the Puainako Street Longs Drugs electronics counter. Still, I can avoid this altogether by making the commitment to switch to rechargeable batteries.

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Commitment #1

“I will reduce, reuse and recycle. . . in that order.”

Recycling is synonymous with “going green” and waste is the enemy of sustainability so there really is no better place for me to start this journey. I’ve been recycling for so long that it is second nature. That’s the problem. I am so quick to throw a tin can or an empty cardboard box into the mixed recycling bin that I often forget to think of ways to reuse these things.

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