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Commitment #42

“I will repair old shoes before buying new ones.”

Even though fashion items are one of the few things that can be made with all-natural materials. . . yes, it is possible to buy pure rubber soles. . . adding anything to the landfill that has any use to it goes against my principles.  While I won’t be making it to the 106th Annual Convention of the Shoe Service Industry of America in Oklahoma, I did use their database to find the only Hawai`i Island repair shop out of the 17 listed for our state. Modern Shoe Repair is located on 1289 Kilauea Ave Ste A in Hilo. Another bit of random information I dug up about the company and found amusing: “Current estimates show this company has an annual revenue of $45,000 and employs a staff of approximately 1.”

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Commitment #19

“I will sharpen blades and tools to make them last longer.”

With this long, holiday weekend slated for some major yard work, it didn’t take long for a dull pair of clippers to cripple my enthusiasm, at least for trimming the hedges.  I’ll admit my first reaction was to say, “These clippers suck; let’s get a new pair.” Still, many tree trimming hours later, they remained. Rather than giving into a wasteful habit, I committed to tolerating them until I could restore their usefulness by having them tightened and sharpened locally. While I’m at it, I think I’ll have the machete sharpened too.

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